Last year around Christmas time arQAde had an awesome promotion in which they awarded hats for gravatars for completing basic tasks around the site. If you don't remember it, here is a link the promo from last year (and another!).


This year, SE is planning to run it for everyone because we all love hats, right? right?

But to get this awesome hat promotion we have to opt in. That means acting on this meta post, whether that's voting it up, answering in the affirmative, positive comments and/or just directing positive energy this direction.

I think this is a good chance at a bit of harmless fun, that could potentially help keep site traffic up through the northern hemisphere winter (when traffic usually dies down a bit for us).

HOWEVER: this promotion is optional for sites, and/or individual users. If the users of this site do not want this in general feel free to voice that opinion. We can opt out of the promotion. Individual users will be able to opt out as well (they will be provided with an "I hate Hats" link to opt out).

Again, please let us know what you think as this is your site not ours.

(Majority of content blatantly stolen from freiheit's copy of waxeagle's post on meta.christianity.)

Sounds like something Russell would be into. What sort of things do you do to earn hats? What hats do you propose? I can think of a duncecap for the opposite, but what sort of hat do you use to show someone was particularly clever? – Olin Lathrop Nov 15 '12 at 14:11
Merlin's cap, a wizard's cap with stars and other symbols perhaps. – Anindo Ghosh Nov 15 '12 at 14:14
@OlinLathrop You get hats for being friendly to new users :) – W5VO Nov 15 '12 at 16:27
W5V0: That's no fun then. @Anindo: I like the Merlin's cap though. Maybe a Sherlock Holmes cap for figuring out what the OP did wrong despite his description. I still want to award a duncecap to those that didn't read the datasheet and did stupid stuff as a result. Moderators might get a viking helmet with horns. I think Kortuk would look good in one :-) – Olin Lathrop Nov 15 '12 at 18:37
@OlinLathrop Are Deerstalkers politically correct, then? ;-) But yeah, "the sleuthing reward" cap is a cool idea. How about a bright yellow safety helmet for when an answer is leading an OP straight up the path to magic smoke time? – Anindo Ghosh Nov 15 '12 at 19:02
@OlinLathrop Viking helmets are pretty cool. But I'm in favor of a slightly more modern and yet still retro look in my moderators:… – embedded.kyle Nov 16 '12 at 14:59
Now that this is definitely coming, people may want to update their avatars so as to make more sense when wearing a hat. Too often we see avatars here that have way too much detail for the 32x32 pixels shown with questions and answers. – Olin Lathrop Nov 17 '12 at 14:29
@OlinLathrop I have a perfect avatar, but these hats are just way too large for me. (yes: I'm way in over my head) – jippie Dec 20 '12 at 18:32
I still like hats BTW ... – jippie Oct 15 '13 at 18:19
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The hats have it! Starting December 19th through January 4th, we will have hats. Stay tuned for more details (or hats).

Should I stay tuned again? – jippie Nov 30 '13 at 17:37

Will there be a"you're way in over your head"-cap

Will there be a "you're way in over your hat"?

For eg. questions about "not having any prior experience in electronics, but about to design a 4GHz x86_64 motherboard on a breadboard"?

Or "transformerless mains power supplies for kids toys"?

I guess it should be an oversized hat ;o) What are your opinions?

How about a ton of rope with a noose on the end? – W5VO Nov 19 '12 at 5:41

Toronto gets cold in wintertime. A hat is appropriate (and warming), even if only virtual. +1.

hey @Madmanguruman is there a way to send you a message via pm? (it's not about hats) – MandoMando Nov 11 '13 at 21:36
Not that I'm aware of (in the SE context.) – Adam Lawrence Nov 12 '13 at 3:38

"Convicted" (6 flags) spammers should be forced (so non-optional) to wear donkey ears on their avatars. And when they try to click the "I don't like hats", a complimentary donkey tail should appear.

Can we have that implemented before January 4th or at least for next year's mad hattery?

Spammer accounts go the way of the bit bucket. – Kortuk Dec 23 '12 at 18:12

Mumbai's pretty hot and sweaty even in winter. A swimmer's cap would look a bit odd though, I suspect.

A strawhat is what you need :) – clabacchio Nov 16 '12 at 8:59
Agreed! That'd be the last straw. – Anindo Ghosh Nov 16 '12 at 9:38

And some hats should be able to be used at the same time. Like the moustache and a jaunty hat, for example.

and headphones: Jammin'out – jippie Dec 21 '12 at 21:33

Hats are cute, I guess, but to me they seem to be largely functionally redundant with badges.

My big complaint is that the additional client-side scripting used to implement them is really slowing down my browser. I had to turn them off.

I have had no noticeable difference on the site, hmm. I do see it take a bit longer to load users pictures though. – Kortuk Dec 23 '12 at 18:13

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