I have a question dealing with IR radiation pickup of a photodiode. There are 2 parts to my question, one which is firmly in the EE realm (question about circuits and component design choice), but the other question is a little iffy.

My question is something along the line of:

given a blackbody temp of X, what is the leakage current through photodiode D?

Is that still suitable for EE SE or is Physics SE more appropriate?

In general, is there a good "rule of thumb" on what goes on EE SE and what goes on Physics SE as far as sensors and "interfaces" go?


This is still part of an electrical design problem and should fit here, but I have been wrong before.

The real gauge of such an item would be asking a question and seeing if you get an answer here. I hope you do, but I could be wrong. Generally such a leakage would be listed in the datasheet.

I agree, the Physics SE seems more about particle physics and less applied. Semiconductor physics is integral to electronics. – placeholder Dec 13 '12 at 19:19

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